Academic Resources


UCSC's STEM Diversity Research Programs: Inquire with Desmond, Chris, Caree, or Ian


UCSC Tutor and Related Positions: Inquire Ian, Sara, or Desmond


MEP - MESA Engineering Program: Free books, free tutoring, free place to hang out, access to snacks, a strong friendly community of chill ppl from all kinds of backgrounds, very strongly recommended you join (it is not a student org and you have to apply but Desmond can help you get in.)


AMP: AARCC Mentorship Program. You can be a mentee or a mentor - Ask Desmond.


A comprehensive listing of scholarships pretaining to master degree progams provided by Masters Degree Online.


A general guide to online engineering education, detailed program reviews, expert ratings, data-driven comparisons and completely unbiased commentary on reputable programs across the country.